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Missouri Child Custody: Part II – Physical Custody

This is part 2 of our child custody series this week. In case you missed Part 1, you can read about Missouri Child Custody Part 1: Legal Custody here.

Under Missouri law when the issue of child custody is decided by a court the specific issues of legal custody and physical custody will be addressed.  Legal custody deals with the issue of which parent will be in charge of the decision making for the child and ...

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Missouri Family Law: What Can You do if Your Ex-Spouse is Not Paying Child Support or Allowing Visitation?

In Missouri, if a court enters an order for child custody or child support and one of the parties willfully fails to meet their obligations under the order, the other party may file a Motion for Contempt.  Under Missouri law a court may enter “appropriate orders” to address a party’s failure or refusal to comply with the court’s orders.

A court may use contempt powers to enforce its orders in cases dealing with Child Support, Child Custody and maintenance (alimony).

To get ...

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