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Missouri Child Custody: Part I – Legal Custody

This week, we will be featuring a series of 3 articles on the topic of child custody. Make sure you come back to the site to read all 3 parts!

Under Missouri law when the issue of child custody is decided by a court the specific issues of legal custody and physical custody will be addressed.  Legal custody deals with the issue of which parent will be in charge of the decision making for the child.  The issue of physical custody ...

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The Attorney/Client Relationship: Never Lie to Your Attorney

Never Lie to Your Attorney

Lawyers have to follow many rules when dealing with their clients, but there is probably on one real rule a client should follow when dealing with their attorney:  Always Tell the Truth.

A lawyer cannot adequately represent you if he does not have all of the information.  I cannot begin to count the number of times in my legal practice that I ...

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